• Dine In Menu


    Classic Breakfast – all day


    (gfo) Eggs on Toast - $11.50

    Yarra Valley free range eggs on local organic sourdough,

    poached or fried, or scrambled + 50c


    (gfo) Eggs and Bacon - $16.50

    Local free range bacon on organic sourdough

    with poached or fried eggs, or scrambled + 50c


    (gfo) Egg and Bacon Toastie - On ciabatta $12.50

    Double up with 2 eggs and extra bacon $16.50


    (gfo) Fry Up - $24.50

    Fried eggs, free range Four Pillars gin fed pork sausage,

    free range bacon, roast tomato, homemade chutney

    on organic sourdough, scrambled eggs + 50c


    Muesli - $16.00

    Homemade toasted fruit and nut muesli served with fresh fruit,

    yoghurt and honey

    OR (gfo) (vo) flaked quinoa muesli made with maple syrup $18.00


    (gfo) Toast -

    Local organic sourdough with choice of condiments $7.00

    or vine fruit sourdough $8.50


    Contemporary Breakfast - all day


    (gf) (df) Winter Stack - $18.50

    Zucchini, pumpkin and chickpea rosti stack, a poached egg,

    with spiced roast pumpkin, our ruby beetroot relish,

    homemade dukkah and zesty fresh herbs

    + Persian fetta $3.50, Sourdough $1 a slice, extra egg $2.70

    + free range bacon, free range gin pork sausage, smoked trout $5.00 ea.


    (gfo) Egg, Trout, Avocado - $20.50

    Poached eggs, Buxton smoked trout and smashed avocado

    on organic sourdough


    (gfo) Parmesan Scrambled Eggs - $17.50

    With homemade red pesto on organic sourdough


    (v) (gfo) Smashed Avocado on Organic Sourdough - $16.50

    With our ruby beetroot relish, fresh herbs, zesty lemon, sea salt

    and cracked pepper


    (v) (gfo) Chipotle Beans and Toast - $13.50

    Homemade smoky beans in a rich and spicy tomato and vegetable

    sauce with toasted sourdough (load up with your fave extras)


    Extras - can be added onto any meal

    + gluten free toast $1.00

    + tomato, spinach, Persian fetta $3.50ea.

    + mushrooms, eggs, smashed avocado $4.50ea.

    + free range gin fed pork sausage, free range bacon,

    smoked trout, chipotle beans $5.00ea.


    Baked Pancakes - $17.00

    Ring baked Japanese style pancakes, with baked apples,

    our salted caramel, toasted walnuts and whipped cream

    OR, Canadian style with free range bacon and real maple syrup

    + fried egg $2.70, ice-cream $2.50


    Lunchall day


    (gfo) Burger – See specials board

    Angus beef OR Veggie patty, in a ciabatta, served with a side of crisps


    (v) (gfo) Black Bean Burger$18.00

    Black bean and vegetable patty, vegan cheese, beetroot,

    zingy rocket coleslaw, vegan mayo and homemade chutney

    in a ciabatta with crisps on the side

    + spice it up with jalapeños and sriracha $1

    + egg $2.70, bacon $5, avocado $4.50


    (vo) (gf) Asian Broth - $21.00

    Free Range chicken bone broth, marinated chicken, rice noodles,

    carrot, spring onion, chilli oil, bok choy, coriander and sesame

    OR vegan option with miso and marinated tofu $19.00

    + poached egg $2.70


    (gfo) B.L.T.$17.50

    Towering club sandwich of free range bacon, coz lettuce, tomato

    and homemade Dijon mayonnaise on ciabatta


    (gfo) Mushroom Bruschetta- $17.50

    Seasonal mushrooms in garlic and herb butter with wilted spinach

    and Persian fetta on organic sourdough

    + Buxton smoked trout $5, free range bacon $5, poached egg $2.70



    For the Kiddiesall day


    (vo) Bowl of rice bubbles and fruit - $6.00


    Baked Pancake – $8.50

    With fresh fruit and honey

    + cream, yoghurt 50c ea. ice cream $2, flavoured maple syrup $1


    (gfo) Googy Egg and Soldiers - $6.50

    A poached egg and toast


    (gfo) Fried Egg and Bacon – $9.00

    On a slice of toast


    (gfo) Sausage in Bread - $7.50

    Buttered bread, sausage, tomato sauce with crisps on the side


    (vo) (gfo) Four Point Sandwich - $6.00

    Choice of Vegemite, jam, 100’s and 1000’s, cheese

    + ham, tomato, avocado 50c each


    (vo) (gfo) Nibble Platter – $8.00

    Carrot sticks, cheese, toast, dried fruit and smashed avocado



    (gf) = gluten free, (gfo) = gluten free option, (df) dairy free, (v) = vegan, (vo) = vegan option